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    Content advisor settings disappear (IE 5.5 Win 98)

    I am so frustrated with IE 5.5 right now. <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23> For weeks the content advisor settings disappear after each reboot. I have followed Microsofts KB directions but the problem persists. I have reinstalled IE 5.5 also.
    The KB article says that the file ratings.pol has been corrupted or lost. Even after following their instructions, I can't locate and *.pol file (I am able to view hidden files).
    This problem means that each time we boot-up and want to use IE we have to go to the content advisor screen - open the settings (can't use disable for some reason until we go to settings first), close settings then open "disable", close disable then we can use IE properly.

    Any ideas? <img src=/S/question.gif border=0 alt=question width=15 height=15>

    Thanks!<img src=/S/flags/USA.gif border=0 alt=USA width=30 height=18>
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    Re: Content advisor settings disappear (IE 5.5 Win 98)

    I'm not too familiar with the content advisor, but you may consider upgrading to 5.5SP1, the original release of 5.5 had some bugs in the little used portions, such as the content advisor, although I can't point to anything that proves that statement...

    If your version is 5.5.4522.1800, then you've already got 5.5SP1, and this won't help much... although I hope it does.. <img src=/S/crazy.gif border=0 alt=crazy width=15 height=15>
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