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    Chart - Hide Zeros (2000)

    I am attempting to clean up the pie chart in the attached spreadsheet. However, for an example, there are two names that have 0 values listed. I would like to remove anyone's name from the pie chart if they have 0%. Any thoughts how to do this? I am primarly attempting to do this without VBA. However, I may expand to VBA later. So, if anyone knows either way or both ways, that would be great!

    I did just figure out that I can set the number format on the chart to 0%;;; and that will remove the 0% value, but I still need to get rid of the names associated with the 0%. Any thoughts?


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    Re: Chart - Hide Zeros (2000)

    Click in cell M2.
    Select Data | Filter | AutoFilter.
    Click the dropdown arrow that appears in M2.
    Select (Non-blanks) from the dropdown list.

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