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    Using Folio-bychapter numbering without section br (word 2003)

    Hello. Thanks for all the previous help.
    My boss wants Folio-by-chapter numbering. I want to avoid section breaks. The document is already 255 pages long with hundreds of linked pictures and I'm worried about possible corruptions.
    Are these two incompatible?
    I'm wondering if there is any way of resetting the page numbers at a heading 1 without inserting a section break.
    Or is there a way of faking the page numbers using sequence numbers?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Using Folio-bychapter numbering without sectio

    Section breaks should not affect linked pictures, if by linked pictures you mean INCLUDEPICTURE fields. The biggest issues created by section breaks tend to be header/footer confusion.

    You might be able to fake page numbering with SEQ fields, but my "field math" is not that tricky. We have a star post or two on complex fields that you could read through. Start here: Word Field Maths (1.20)

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