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    Meeting Notification FYI (Outlook 2003)

    When setting up a meeting, is there a way to notify someone that a meeting is being scheduled without actually inviting the person? I often want to keep someone updated (like my boss) that a meeting is being planned but don't necessarily want to give him the option of attending.

    I handle the issue now by putting a "FYI" comment in the message body but wonder if there is a function I don't know about.


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    Re: Meeting Notification FYI (Outlook 2003)

    No, and it would be a good feature to have. I do either of these two things:

    1. Invite the person as an optional attendee (in the scheduling tab, right click the icon in front of the name, change to Optional), and then in the body text note that for those names invitees the meeting invitation is FYI, they do not need to attend. I usually do this with the assistants of executives who are hard to get hold of due to travel or meeting commitments, where I expect the assistants will reply on behalf of their boss.

    2. After I send the meeting, open it and select Actions | Reply with message, and then send it to the FYI people.
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