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    Opening picture files (2000)

    Good afternoon...

    I am trying to open various picture type files from a hyperlink path stored in a table without much success. I tried the file scripting object but not really familiar with those yet. Basically the user will be presented with a list box of available pictures related to a particular double-clicking on the list box I want to open the picture (bmp/jpg).

    I have created the code to capture the available files and store them in a table in a Hyperlink field.

    I am looking for some help on the double click code for the list box.

    Thanking you in advance I am...


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    Re: Opening picture files (2000)

    If you're not going to display the file names in a text box, there's no point in storing them in a hyperlink field, you'd be better off storing them in a text field. You can then use

    Application.FollowHyperlink Me.lbxFiles

    or use the ShellExecute function - do a search in this forum for examples.

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