Hello all - I am developing a 'Dashboard' of sorts for a client who is expecting to deploy SBS 2003 in November. I want to allow them to maintain some data in a small Access db on a daily basis but have that data feed some charts in Excel. Ultimately, I was planning on 'Publishing' the charts to their Sharepoint Server using the Auto Republish feature.

The problem I am having is that every time I update the spreadsheet file, the formatting of the Charts goes crazy. It isn't at all consistent in the results either. By that, I mean that the data are correctly represented, but the fonts for data labels shrinks to 1.5 pts. And where I don't want data labels, they suddenly appear. Also, I have a textbox floating over the graphs to display a bunch of text, and that ends up at random places on the chart after update.

I finally get to use some of the higher end features of these products and the knucklehead, simple stuff seems to go haywire!

Anyone have a similar experience or thoughts?