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    What defines a Folder (Windows XP)

    Does anyone know what defines a folder as a folder/ I know how to change a file/folders icon, what I am wondering is what attribute is assigned to a folder by the system that lets Windows (and other apps) know that it is a folder and not just another file.
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    Re: What defines a Folder (Windows XP)

    I rather simplified terms: each disk has a "table of contents" that lists all files and folders on the disk. Each entry contains the name of the file or directory, a series of bits (0/1) representing attributes, and other info. One of the attribute bits is 1 if the entry represents a folder, 0 if it represents a file. The exact technical details depend on the file system used: for Windows XP it can be FAT32 or NTFS; they organize the "table of contents" differently.

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