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    Multiple users for office2000 (2000 sr2)

    My children and I share a machine. Each of us have a user setup. When I install when logged on as one of the users, office provides shortcuts that work correctly for that user. However, if I create a shortcut to those program files and try to run the program as one of the other users, O2000 gives the following message.

    "This application must be installed to run. Please run setup from the location where you originally installed the application"

    I found a knowledgebase article that indicated that the program should be installed as each of the users. However, that didn't seem to work either.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Multiple users for office2000 (2000 sr2)

    You didn't mention your operating system. Some versions of Windows (like NT) insist on profiles and if you install an application or a suite like Office, it is installed in and for the profile logged on when it was installed. If you want it available to all users, you need to uninstall Office than log in as the Administrator to install it fresh. That should make it available to all the users.

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    Re: Multiple users for office2000 (2000 sr2)

    Sorry for omitting the OS,Charlotte. Just returned to Win98SE from ME after formatting the HD to get rid of every vestige of ME on the machine. Should have paid more attention to Windows Watch recommendation. Am now truly penitent.

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