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    Can't open previous version of Visio 2003 document (PS2003/WSS 2.0)

    I know that this is the Project forum; however, we are using Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 with Project Server 2003, and are having a problem, so I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help me, since Project Server 2003 is normally installed with WSS.

    We have created several WSS sites by publication of project plans to Project Server 2003. With only one of these sites, we are experiencing a problem with Version History in viewing previous versions of Visio diagrams.

    First, we *are* able to do the following:
    - view the current Visio diagram
    - view the most recent version of the same Visio diagram
    - view current and all previous versions of Word documents
    - view current and all previous versions of Excel spreadsheets
    - view current and all previous versions of Visio diagrams on other WSS sites

    However, when we try to view a previous version (other than the most recent version) of a Visio diagram on one WSS site only, using the following Version History - View option (see attached file, image #1), we get the following "Page cannot be found - HTTP 400 - Bad Request - Internet Explorer" error message (see attached file, image #2):

    Any ideas as to what is happening and how to fix it?

    Please help!

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