I'm at hair pulling time trying to figure out why rules sometimes work and othertimes don't.

I have a series of rules pertaining to about 80 mailing lists to which I subscribe. All from the same server, but different lists that I sort into a folder for each list. The TO: and FROM: headers are not always consistent, so I have been using the following rule (as an example)

Apply this rule after the message arrives
with Sender: gaforsyt-bounces@rootsweb.com in the message header
move it to the Forsyth folder
and stop processing more rules

Most of the time they work, but about 5-10% of the messages end up in my INBOX, which means that no rule ever fired for that message.
The only thing that comes to mind is that the header I am testing is always in the last or next to last line. Is there a limit to the number of lines that outlook reads before deciding that a particular rule doesn't apply?

It would be so much easier to troubleshoot if the WRONG rule were firing, but it appears that NO rule fires.

Joe Harrington