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    Restore Points (windows xp)

    Can you select restore points to delete ??? or do they drop off ???
    I make a restore point every time, before I install my virus update DAT files, I must have a load of the restore points
    floating around, I found an option to delete all but the last one, but I have a friend who claims one of his restore points
    did not work, and he had to back up a couple to get back going ????. Is it still important to do the Regbak ?
    or dose the restore point also do all that ... Thanks for any assistance... Richard
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    Re: Restore Points (windows xp)

    When the amount of disk space configured as the maximum (right click My Computer, select Properties | System restore) is reached XP will delete the oldest restore point when it needs to create another. It is likely that you do not need to make a restore point before update DAT files. For more information about System Restore see Frequently Asked Questions Regarding System Restore in Windows XP.


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