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    Master Documents and Merge (5.1.2600 SP2)

    To begin with, I understand that the Master Document feature is broken. I'm willing to make multiple backups to keep on hand for when it corrupts ... if it will do what I need.

    I am currently using Mail Merge to merge an individual record into 12 documents. I first enter a record into the merge data file, open a document, select the record, merge it to a new file, save it, close the document. Open the second document, select the record, merge it to a new file, save it, close the document. I repeat this last step to complete merging that record into all 12 documents.

    I created a master document containing all of the subdocuments. I merged one record and saved it to new file.

    Tables are used throughout the documents; the cell size is distorted after merging. They are not affected during a normal merge. Is there a way to prevent this?

    After merging within the master document, is there a way to save the merged documents as separate documents, rather than one document?

    I'm wondering if I wouldn't be better off combining the 12 documents into one normal document ... skipping master documents altogether. I will still need to save each of the documents individually (to send out to others). How can I do this?

    I'm open to ideas on better ways to do this. I do not 'do' VBA.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Master Documents and Merge (5.1.2600 SP2)

    See if the thread starting at <post:=345,003>post 345,003</post:> gives you some ideas to work with.

    Splitting a merged document can only be done in code, but the macro you need is readily available - see this newsgroup thread.

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