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    narrowed desktop screen (xp)

    the picture on my desktop is not filling the screen. there is an inch and a quarter black margin to the left and right of my screen and i can not find a way to expand it. also, everything is appearing bigger. the same icons now fill 2 rows instead of the usual one row, in fact everything on screen is showing bigger and slightly blurry. i feel like an idiot. this is my first computer and i have no idea why this started tonight and how to fix it. any suggestions?

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    Re: narrowed desktop screen (xp)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge.

    This could be a hardware setting or a software setting.

    Your monitor probably has some buttons to change its settings; these buttons are usually at the bottom of the monitor, below the screen.
    One of these buttons will display a menu on screen; there should be options for positioning and sizing the image. Use the other buttons on the monitor to select an option etc.
    Since these controls are dependent on the type of monitor you have, it's hard to give more precise instructions.

    Minimize or close applications until you can see your Windows desktop.
    Right-click an empty part of the desktop and select Properties from the popup menu.
    This will open the Display Properties control panel.
    Activate the Settings tab.
    You can change the screen resolution here. If you have an LCD monitor, it works best at its native resolution. This is 1024x768 for a 15" monitor, 1280x1024 for a 17" to 19" monitor, different for larger or wide-screen monitors.
    You can also click the Troubleshoot button to start a wizard that will ask you questions and try to suggest a solution.

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