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    changes to areport then crash (2003 sp2)

    I am making a minor change to a report, then the access crashes. The same thing happens on a second machine with access 2000. Each machine has 512 running on xp pro. It is a large data base, Is this a memory problem.

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    Re: changes to areport then crash (2003 sp2)

    Is your database split into a backend with all the tables, and a frontend with all the other database objects?

    If not, you should split it now - see WendellB's tutorial Why Split a Database?
    Hopefully, you'll be able to edit the report successfully in the new frontend.

    If the database is already split, first try and see if it helps if you compact the database (Tools | Database Utilities | Compact and Repair Database). If that doesn't help, ttry importing all database objects from the frontend into a blank new database.

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