At work, in our web design department, our designer uses Dreamweaver, and I, the web programmer, use Visual Studio to write the active stuff on our sites.
Currently, the designer will use dreamweaver templates to accomplish the graphic design of the pages, and adds editable regions (usually just one) to house the content so that they can be managed with Macromedia Contribute. Every time a change is made to a dreamweaver template file, it goes through all the pages on the site, and if they use the template that had just been modified, it basically removes everything outside of the editable regions and slaps the template back on it, and saves it.

The problem comes when I develop the aspx pages... since my aspx pages claim that they use one of the dreamweaver templates (which I want them to... so that I do not have to manually update all of my aspx pages when a template change is made), whenever dreamweaver reapplies a template to one of these aspx pages, it completely removes everything except what is in the editable region (content area)... which means it no longer contains things vital to the life of an aspx file such as the page directive (at the very top)... afterwards, it no longer references the vb file that it uses, the class that it needs, any front-side script tag, basically it turns into an HTML file with some asp tags in its belly.

I know other people must be having this problem, I just have no idea how it can be solved. The Microsoft camp says "well just stop using Dreamweaver", while the Macromedia camp says "Just use Dreamweaver for everything".... which sucks.

My only idea (I know, I lied and said I had no idea) is that perhaps we could house things like the page directive and SCRIPT tags in their own editable regions... then perhaps they would not be overwritten? This solution does not sound very graceful, and would not be something that the designer would be able to do without my help (which means I would have to get into doing Dreamweaver stuff)... that, and I have no idea if it is kosher to have editable regions outside of a page's HTML tag....

surely other people must be having problems getting templated dreamweaver pages and visual studio projects to work together?