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    Mail merge help thanks (2003)

    Hi team hope you're all well.

    Please could you help me set up mail merge letter? I have to send a letter to 40 different people, with the main body of the letter being the same and my address being the same. Obviously the clients name will change (40 of them) and the sending address will be different (3 different address). Please could you give me advice on what to do and where to start?

    Thank you team

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    Re: Mail merge help thanks (2003)

    You must create a data source for your mail merge, i.e. a table listing the names of the clients and their addresses. This table can be a table in a Word document, or in an Excel workbook, or in an Access database. The table could look like this:

    <table border=1><td align=center>LastName</td><td align=center>FirstName</td><td align=center>Address1</td><td align=center>Address2</td><td align=center>Town</td><td align=center>PostCode</td><td>Jones</td><td>Anne</td><td>Heather House</td><td>24 Stour Lane</td><td>Abingham</td><td>DE4 3GH</td><tr><td>Leeson</td><td>Harry</td><td>191 Chestnut Crescent</td><td align=right>

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