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    Office Icons missing (2000 SR-1)

    How can you restore the icons to Office apps? On the desktop the shortcut icons turn to standard *.exe icons. The programs works, but the icons are gone. This also goes for file association icons for all Office files such as .doc, .xls, .dbf, .ppt. I can restore them manually, but there has to be a better way. It seems like it loses the path to where the icon folder is stored. I have tried running repairs on Office and choosing "Restore shortcut icons..." with no success. I've also reinstalled Office. The functionality of the files and apps still work, but if a user doesn't have "hide file extensions for known files" unchecked, they can't tell what is what.

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    Re: Office Icons missing (2000 SR-1)

    Is this happening on a number of machines or just one? What operating system are you running? This used to be a problem with Office 97 and NT, and Microsoft actually had a set of icon files for the various Office apps that you could download. I haven't encountered this with Office 2000, though.

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    Re: Office Icons missing (2000 SR-1)

    You might have a problem with your ShellIconCache. See <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q132668</A> for details.

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