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    Appearance of folder lists (XP Pro SP2)

    My workstation at work runs XP Pro SP2.

    We have just bought and deployed a new fileserver, running Small Business Server R2. Our outgoing server ran Windows 2003.

    One "annoyance" which has appeared since the new server was rolled out last week, concerns the appearance of lists of folders in dialogue boxes.

    My preference when clicking an "Open file" button was always to get a dialogue box listing the folders and files vertically, in detailed format. (ie. to see the whole list I have to scroll down beyond the bottom of the dialogue box). I use the detailed view because I typically list the files and folders in alphabetical order, but occasionally swap to date-modified order, if that is an easier way to find the file I want.

    Now the default setting on most of these dialogue boxes is to list the files and folders horizontally, so you have to scroll off the righthand side of the dialogue box to see the whole list.

    I have tried running going into Explorer, setting the view to be how I want it to look, then going to Tools, Folder Options, View, Apply to all folders, (which is how I 'rolled out' this setting previously), but this doesn't work, and the dialogue boxes still display the listings horizontally.

    Can anyone advise how to fix this, please?

    I have a second issue regarding the same dialogue box listing which I have never discovered the answer to. If I click on "Modified" to re-order the list of files in date order, is there a way to get the new listing to appear "most recently modified" first, as opposed to the default which seems to be "most recently modified" last?



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    Re: Appearance of folder lists (XP Pro SP2)

    By right-clicking an empty part of the central pane of the Open dialog, you should be able to select a view and a sort order (Arrange By) for this dialog. To reverse the sort order, select the sort order again. This need not be the same as the default view and sort order in Windows Explorer. Once you have set this, it should stick.

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