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    Time Series (2003)

    I have two fields StartTime and EndTime which signify the start and end of telephone calls. How can I create a query that will split the day into fifteen minute intervals and count how many calls started during each interval? I want to be able to see all of the intervals, with counts of zero if no calls were received during that time period.

    Thanks, Andy.

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    Re: Time Series (2003)

    1) Create a table tblIntervals listing all the time intervals. It might be easiest to create the data in Excel using the filldown feature, and import them into Access.

    <table border=1><td>TimeFrom</td><td align=right>00:00</td><td align=right>00:15</td><td align=right>00:30</td><td align=right>..</td><td align=right>..</td><td align=right>23:30</td><td align=right>23:45</td></table>
    2) Create a query qryData based on your table, and add a calculated field
    T: Int([StartTime]*96)/96
    Set the Format property for T to Short Time.

    3) Create a query based in tblIntervals and qryData.
    Join them on TimeFrom vs T
    Double click the join line and select the option to return all records from tblIntervals.
    Add TimeFrom and T to the query grid.
    Select View | Totals or click the Totals button on the toolbar to make the query into a totals query.
    Set the Total option for T to Count.

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