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    Patches for Word 97 ? (Word 97 SR2)

    Between '97 and '2000 there were a number of security issues with Word '97 (W97), so various security patches pertaining to W97 were released during that time period. I still use that program. However, since then I have upgraded my operating system to WinXP, and W97 has been reinstalled.

    For a while I was under the presumption that Windows Updates were taking care of various Office apps; not just Windows and Internet Explorer. But now I wonder.

    Do the current Windows Updates take care of old issues pertaining to old versions of Office apps, or do I need to obtain the old patches that were specific fixes to W97?

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    Re: Patches for Word 97 ? (Word 97 SR2)

    Link corrected by HansV - thanks to JScher2000 for the alert

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Windows Update is for Windows only. Office Update is for Office 2000 and higher only.

    Updates are still available from Downloads for Office 97/98, but you'll have to select them yourself, there is no integrated update service.

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