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    Patches for old version? (Outlook 98)

    Between '99 and '2001 there were a number of security issues with Outlook 98 (O98), so various downloadable security patches pertaining to O98 were released during that time period. I still use that program. However, since then I have upgraded my operating system to WinXP, and O98 has been reinstalled.

    For a while I was under the presumption that Windows Updates were taking care of various Office apps; not just Windows and Internet Explorer. But now I wonder...

    Do the current Windows Updates take care of old issues pertaining to old versions of Office apps? Do I need to obtain the old patches from years ago, that were specific fixes for O98?

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    Re: Patches for old version? (Outlook 98)

    See my reply to <post:=605,852>post 605,852</post:> in the Word forum.

    To avoid duplication, I will lock this thread. Replies can be posted in the other thread.

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