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    E-Mail settings (XP-Pro +all patches)

    I use a non-standard e-mail client. (First Class Client From Open Text). I would like to be able to set this up to use Remote Assistance, etc. All Windows wants to let me do is set up Outlook which I am not going to do. I use Outlook for everything but e-mail and, although possible to use it for the account that provides me with the First Class Client, I do not want to do that and open myself up to all the viruses, etc. that Outlook attracts.

    I can and have set up IE and Firefox to use FiIrst Class as a default e-mail program but seem unable to get Windows to recognize it. I can't even find a way to set it up. The only choice it offers me is Outlook. Is there any way I can configure Windows to recognize First Class Client as the e-mail client I wish to use?

    TIA for any and all help, words of wisdom, sympathies, etc.

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    Re: E-Mail settings (XP-Pro +all patches)

    If all you need is to connect remotely to/from another computer, use Remote Desktop Connection instead:

    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection

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