<P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by j.peter.orourke on 15-Oct-06 20:44. Work around to problem inserted.)</P>I have an ancient copy of Visio 5.0 that I would like to install on an a new Windows XP 64 PC, but it won't. Anyone done this? I use Visio soooooo rarely that I couldn't justify buying a later version.

I can get to the CD splash screen, clicking on the Install link loads the Demoshield splash screen and then nothing.. Have tried running the Setup program directly, but get an error "The file F:InstallSetup.EXE is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine" Have tried setting compatability mode etc, without success..

Any help gratefully received.

============================================= UPDATE============================================ ========================
Problem sort of fixed... Couldn't figure out how to get the Setup program to work, but the application now works on my NEW Windows XP 64 PC. Achieved this by copying FROM my OLD Windows 2000 PC the INSTALLED version of Visio. i.e. Just copied C:Program FilesVisio to the C:Program Files (x86)Visio directory on the NEW PC. Run the Visio32.exe file and all is well in Visio's world. N.B. You get a warning dialogue advising that this program is incompatible with Windows XP, click OK to continue. This is a known issue, a slight annoyance each time you start Visio, rarely in my case, but otherwise has NO affect on program operation.
============================================= UPDATE============================================ ========================