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    Access 2003 file bloats with links to Excel (Access 2003 SP2)


    We have an Access mdb file that only has links to Excel 2003 in it. When we refresh the links, the mdb file grows around 600% !!!

    Only after running a repair on the mdb file is it reduced to abut 245 KB. But then bloats back to about 59 MB (!!!) when we refresh the links again...

    Also - when we make the mdb read only it stays small. The Excel file also has Hebrew lang. in it.

    There are only links to Excel in the file nothng else - what is causing the mdb file to grow so large? Is there metadata there that we cant see or maybe a config problem?


    - Ivan

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    Re: Access 2003 file bloats with links to Excel (A

    Hi Ivan

    Is the specific hebrew font you are using unicode? I have heard it discussed around my office on the odd occasion and have heard the phrase "unicode bloat" mentioned. This is not an area I have entered into but maybe a cause, this is not a definitive answer just a possibility so I tentatively wait for other suggestions.

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