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    File properties (2000)

    I am using Word 2000 on a PC running Windows XP2. Some time ago I found details of a document file, I think by using Windows Explorer, which included how many hours the document had been worked on. Now, if I right click on a file in Windows Explorer and then click on Prpoerties I get a raft of information, much of it obscure, but no mention of time spent. There is a field marked Edit Time, purportedly showing the date the file was last edited. In the case of a document I have just completed this shows as 9/01/1601, 8.33PM. Can anyone explain this and also help me find total editng time?

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    Re: File properties (2000)

    The property in Windows Explorer is not displayed correctly.
    Open the documen in Word.
    Select File | Properties.
    Activate the Statistics tab. You'll see how many times the document has been edited and how much time this took.

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