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    Updating an unbound list after deleting data (2003)

    Hi, I am having some problem updating an unbound combo box that display the list of personnel from a query. If I delete a personnel record and then I click on the combo box to get someone else, inside the list appears " #Deleted " . I tried to use the Me.fldPersonnel.Requery in the After Update event. The fldPersonnel is the name for the combo box. The row source is a qryPersonnel that have all the names. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Updating an unbound list after deleting data (2003)

    Deleting a record doesn't cause the After Update event to fire. I'd add code to requery the combo box in the On Current event of the form - after you delete a record, the form moves to another record, so the On Current event occurs.

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