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    Adding Attendee to an Existing Meeting (2003)

    Hello y'all,

    I know how to add an attendee to a meeting that I have already received responses from the original attendees.

    When I add a new attendee, when I click "Send Update" a message is sent to all attendees, including the original attendees. I am assuming only newly added attendees are asked to confirm if they will attend the meeting. The original attendees receive notification of changes to the meeting. Is that correct?

    Is there any way to restrict the Update only to the newly added attendee(s)?

    Thanks so much,

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    Re: Adding Attendee to an Existing Meeting (2003)

    Usually Outlook asks if you want to send the changes to all Attendees or just the new or removed Attendees. (I'm not on Exchange right now and don't recall the exact menu steps.) You aren't being asked? How about if you change attendees and then save the meeting - are you asked then?
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