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    Automatically extracting data from email (2003)

    Is is possible to automatically extract data from an outlook 2003 email and place it into an Excel spreadsheet

    | (Embedded image Data Network Request System |
    | moved to file: Request For Service |
    | pic06543.jpg) Originated by Fred Smith on 17/10/2006 |
    | RFS Number: 0062/181006 |
    | Status: Supplier Solutioning

    In the above example email l would like the RFS number, Originated by name and originated date to be automatically imported into cells in an Excel spreadsheet, it would save me a lot of time and effort if this could be done.

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    Re: Automatically extracting data from email (2003

    Well, there is automatic when you open the message and click a button, and there is "unattended" automatic. For the latter, you can use the Rules feature, specifying an action in "Script." Actually it isn't script, you write a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) procedure for either approach.

    It probably would be a few hours work to write the procedure and test it if you are familiar with VBA; much longer if you aren't. I won't elaborate on the details except to note that there are some past Outlook-to-Elsewhere solutions discussed on this board, on VB/VBA, and on the application boards (e.g., Access, Word).

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