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    named formula not refreshing/updating (Excel 2002 SP3)


    I've just encountered a strange problem. I have a rather large workbook with a recap sheet that totals values form all the various department sheets. Several months ago I gave the formula a name in order to save on my file size. I've had no problems until today. When I began entering data into the various department sheets, I checked on the recap sheet to verify that I had entered the data correctly. The formulas did not update. When I copied and pasted the named formula from another cell, the total then updated. Under options the calculation is set to automatic.

    Can anyone suggest what might have happened? No one else ever uses this workbook, and I didn't change any settings. It just seems that I will have to go back to pasting the formula in every cell, because I can't be continually copying and pasting the formula each time I use the workbook. It is my main data repostory for all the departments. I have several years data each department, and many graphs linked to the recap page. I need to be confident that any changes to department pages are reflected in the recap page.

    Thanks for any suggestions/ideas on what the problem could be.

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    Re: named formula not refreshing/updating (Excel 2002 SP3)

    In general, cell formulas involving named formulas do update automatically, so we'd need to know more about your naned formula.

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