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    pivot table using time ( hrs & min) (xp & 2003)

    I want to creat a pivot table by date for each person for the amount of time for each date. I would also like to create a graph by person for each date. Since the numbers represent time, it is not working as expected. I am attaching the worksheet containing the data I want to use for the basis of the pivot table and chart.



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    Re: pivot table using time ( hrs & min) (xp & 2003)

    There are some rows containing 'September 18, 2006' as text instead of a date; you should correct those.
    You can set the number format for the Time field in the pivot table (double click the field in the Layout dialog, or double click the gray button for this field in the pivot table itself. Use [h]:mm for cumulative time.

    See attached version.

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