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    New to Visio - (layer?) question (Visio)

    Hello everyone,

    I'm very new to MS Visio, today I just started using it because I had to update an old Visio file. I opened the file and I see the room design and everything, but all the design objects (desk,wall,computer etc) are sort of stuck on the whole picture. So basically I can't move those objects or edit them (but I can put on new objects). What should I do to be able to edit those (desk, wall, computers) on the old file?

    Note that someone else had created this file before.

    Thanks for any support!

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    Re: New to Visio - (layer?) question (Visio)

    I am guessing that the objects have either been grouped or protected in some way. Are you able to select something and see the anchors which display the boundaries of the selected item? Is this area larger than you thought it would be?

    If you can select something then try right clicking it and see whether Shape > Ungroup is available to select.

    Alternatively you could explore the layer options by choosing View > Layer Properties...
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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