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    ieSpell, rcgoogle and IE7 (IE7)

    The latest version of ieSpell is 100% compatible with the new IE7 browser. To use ieSpell with IE7 follow the instructions below:
    <UL><LI>First uninstall ieSpell if you already have it installed via "Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs" applet.
    <LI>Click "Yes" when prompted, if you want to save your "Custom Dictionaries".
    <LI>Install Internet Explorer 7.
    <LI>After the required reboot, install ieSpell.
    <LI>Open IE7
    <LI>Right-click on a blank space on the Toolbar and choose, "Lock the Toolbar" which will UNlock it.
    <LI>Grab the vertical line and slide it to the left which will then reveal ALL your current buttons.
    <LI>Again, right-click on the Toolbar and mouseover "Customize CommandBar" and click on "Add or Remove Commands...".
    <LI>Add or remove the buttons according to your wants/needs and click "Close" when finished.
    <LI>Once again, right-click on the Toolbar and click on "Lock the Toolbars".
    <LI>DONE[/list]ieSpell can then be started by either clicking the ieSpell Toolbar button or from the right-click context menu as before. The ieSpell "Options" also appear in the context menu.

    And lastly, "rcgoogle" was carried over from IE6 to IE7 without any input from me whatsoever. <IMG SRC=>.

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