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    Outlook Address Book (2003 (11.8010.8107))

    I need to send a friend a category of addresses. I have highlighted them, hit Control + "C" but when I paste into the email, nothing happens. It puts a blank frame in the email. Nothing else. Also, how do I save the contact list? I formerly used Outlook Express and was able to save that one, but not Outlook.

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    Re: Outlook Address Book (2003 (11.8010.8107))

    1. Can you tell us the View you are selecting them from? When I select a group of Contacts from Address Card View, the copies are in the form of vCards (*.vcf files) and paste into the message as Attachments.

    2. For portability it's easiest to export Contacts to a comma separated values (*.CSV ) file through the File | Import and Export... dialog.

    Post back with a little more detail of what you are trying to accomplish.
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