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    eEye (Blink Personal)

    Any comments on usefullness Blink Personal or should we stick with what has been discussed at length in the lounge? <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> for personal use
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    Re: eEye (Blink Personal)

    I have been trying the beta test version on my home laptop for about 2 weeks. I'm not sure they plan to make it free after the end of testing; that remains to be confirmed. Adding to their Products menu at least brings it more visibility. Perhaps it is nearing completion.

    For the most part, the software seems to work like other inbound/outbound firewalls. eEye's claim to fame in the corporate context is that it quickly issues very specific exploit blockers that limit the effect of system vulnerabilities before they are patched. I don't think I've seen this kick in on my system so far, but perhaps we will see one before the next cycle of Microsoft patches. This would be the main reason to use a free version of Blink rather than, say, the free ZoneAlarm firewall.

    My complaints so far:
    <UL><LI>One inconsistent detection from a web site when using Firefox but not IE. I submitted this to the beta feedback page and it was fixed quickly.
    <LI>My FTP client opened numerous ports and in the pop-up alerts to approve this and create a new rule, I could not find a way to approve all of the connections the application was making. I ended up having to create about 20 rules. I forgot to submit this one, but noticed all the rules last night when I was reviewing some settings.
    <LI>The tray icon is a huge unblinking eye, which is sort of disturbing. I hope it can be changed. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>[/list]Once the final version is released, they probably will make more of a push and there will be more info out there.

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