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    Taskbar arrangement (XPPro/SP2)

    I have a problem with my Taskbar/QLTB arramgement.
    This appeared on my computer when I installed IE7 (Gold)...( Did not happen with b1, b2, nor rc1 versions) But it happened on another machine I use occasionally about two years ago, so it's not strictly an IE7 problem.
    I had my Taskbar/Toolbars arranged the way I like them (much like Bill Bright described in an earlier post on a different QLTB problem)
    I had two rows: top row was START and QLTB, bottom row was taskbar buttons and Powertoy Magnifier, the notification area has three rows and is minimized.

    Suddenly the arrangement changed to START, QLTB, Taskbuttons, Magnifer, Notification. Everything using BOTH rows. The problems come from the fact that the magnifier is the same width, but double the height it used to be, so it takes up more space. The taskbuttons have MUCH less horizontal space and therefore truncate more severely, making them harder to read.

    I have searched through all the settings and reg-keys I can think of. Nothing seems to fix it. Anyone have any ideas?

    Joe Harrington

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    Re: Taskbar arrangement (XPPro/SP2)

    Occasionally strange things seem to happen to toolbars when you install software. This has been going on with various Windows versions for a long time. Have you tried deleting the shortcut from the toolbar and re-adding it? Have you tried unlocking the toolbars and fiddling with the sizes?


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