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    Windows ME looses mouse control

    I have been loosing the mouse on my system. I have to re-install the drivers to make this work. A re-boot of the system will not restore the mouse. I have to re-install the drivers.

    Does anyone have any tricks as to why and what a fix would be? Or how to use windows without a mouse so that this re-install can be easier?

    Thanks MARK

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    Re: Windows ME looses mouse control

    I have recently installed ME and have experience the same problem. You can still work around if you know the keyboard shortcuts.

    Suggest you go into the help menu and make a list of the shortcut and print them for future use.

    I was aware of the shortcuts....but had never used a mouse person....the first time this happened...I almost went nuts trying to play the trial and error game to figure out all the shortcuts.

    Jack D. Rees

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