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    insert date auto update (word 2003)

    Staff who use the templates I create want the current date to appear automatically. To make that happen, I toggle "update automatically" on the Date and Time screen. The problem is that the date continues to be updated on .doc files created from the templates.

    I can think of solutions (look at the last modified date before opening the .doc file, uncheck the "update automatically" toggle in the .doc, erase the inserted date and retype it) but they are all awkward and require remembering to do them!

    Is there a more elegant, automatic fix? The goal is to have the template open with the current date but have that date remain fixed in the .doc created from the template.


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    Re: insert date auto update (word 2003)

    There are a number of solutions you could try.

    The simplest is to use the { CREATEDATE } field instead of the { DATE } field.

    My preferred option is to have a Macro in the template, that inserts the data in the format I want, and then to include the field
    { MACROBUTTON MyDateFormat Double click for date } at the appropriate place in the document.


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