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    Fixing Fix (one)

    When one left clicks a file folder in ms windows it opens, when you right click you get a menu.
    The list of menu actions is Open , Explore , Find. Woody's book gives two small batch files one for directory listings "List
    Files" and one "List Files by Filename Extension". You add these to your program files. Woody then shows you how to
    create shortcuts that add "List" and "List by Ext" to any file folders' right click menu. The small poblem is that you are altering the template for all folders. When list and list by ext are added, the actions are now list, list by ext, open, explore, find.
    The default left click action on any file folder is no longer "open" it is now a directory listing by "List" My fix restores the
    order of the right clck menu, giving one "Open", "Explore", "List", "List by Ext." and thus returning the default left click action to
    "open" leaving "list" and "list by ext" as only options on the right click menu as I believe the author intended and likely most
    users would expect. I thought others might find useful this undocumented info on how to chang the "default " left click action.
    When you point and click on a file folder you now have a choice of right click menu items (thanx Woody) AND a choice of default left click action (thanx imbillc).

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    Re: Fixing Fix (one)

    This appears to be basically the same as <post:=608,693>post 608,693</post:>. To avoid duplication, I have locked this thread. Please post replies in the other thread.

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