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    Excel Template - dynamic chart (Excel xp)

    I want to create an excel template with predefined columns and if you add any more new information, the chart automatically updates. For eg:

    I currently have:
    Joe 7
    Doe 9
    Loe 10

    Well I have the chart ..... for them but if user B uses the template and puts four rows instead of 3, i want it to dynamically create the chart in a separate sheet for all teh four rows and so on....

    I am new to this kind of stuff (excel) so please bear with me but I am a programmer by profession so I will understand any techy jargon yall post.


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    Re: Excel Template - dynamic chart (Excel xp)

    I have attached a workbook that I downloaded from CompuServe quite a while ago that shows how to automate a chart. I have forgotten who the author was, but I think it might have been Bill Manville.
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