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    List Styles (Word 2002 SP2)

    I have been having trouble with numbered and bulletted lists in a document created by somebody else using the Bullet List and Numbered List buttons on the toolbar. This placed several different styles in the List Styles tab under Bullets and Numbering but when I went to the Bulletted and Numbered tabs, both said None.

    I only solved the problems by deleting the entries in the List Styles list and applying the desired styles via the Bulletted and Numbered tabs.

    Is this behaviour consistent with others' experience and if so, what is the use of the List Styles tab in the Bullets and Numbering dialogue?

    Cheers, Geoff

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    Re: List Styles (Word 2002 SP2)

    The purpose of the List Styles tab in the Dialog is just to list all the bullet/numbering styles in the document and to give you access to the Bullets and Numbering styles available for that document or the It allows you to customise your own bullets/numbers style for use. The tab is probably just a convenience setup which you are at the dialog to do with bullets and numbering. If you do not use the dialog to modify or delete bullet/numbering styles, you have access to the same settings by activating the Styles and Formatting Task Pane. If you select text with a bullet style attached, you can select the arrow next to that style in the task pane and choose modify, which gets you to the same settings as the bullets/numbering dialog (List styles tab).

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