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    Ensuring users only have access to a Form (Access 2002 SP3)

    I have created a Form that will need to be accessible to many users. The database will be located on a network. How do I set up the database/form so that when Users click on an icon, they only see the form, and not the rest of the database? Also, can the form be set up as a template, so that when a user clicks on an icon, a blank form is generated? I still want any data entered to be stored in the appropriate table.

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    Re: Ensuring users only have access to a Form (Ac

    There are a few things you can. How far you go depends on how seriously you need to keep users out of the rest of the database.

    * In Tools..Startup , nominate the form in Display Form/Page and the form will be shown automatically.
    * Also in Tools..Startup untick "Display Database Window" and the rest of the database will be hidden (but can be unhidden by anyone who knows how)
    * For your form set its "Data entry" property to Yes, and the form will open at a blank new record. (I hthink this is what you want.)
    To set this property you need to look at the data page of the properties box, while it is showing the properties of ther form.

    If you only want users to access this one form, split the database (if it is not split already) and give the users a front- end that contains just this one form.
    (plus the linked tables).

    If you want to more seriously keep users out of others parts of the database you will need to set up Security.

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    Re: Ensuring users only have access to a Form (Access 2002 SP3)

    1) Select Tools | Startup to specify which form will be displayed automatically when the database is opened, whether to show the database window etc.

    Tip: to bypass these startup options, hold down the Shift key while opening the database.

    2) Do you mean that you want the form to open to a new record? Set the Data Entry property of the form to Yes (in the Data tab of the Properties window).

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