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    One Resource Pool, Multiple Projects? (Project 2000)

    Please excuse the simplistic nature of this post; I figured this group to be the best place to come for research before buying PM software.

    Stated quickly: can Project 2000 use a single resource pool for multiple projects and deal with conflicts or overscheduling across different projects ? Maybe that wasn't so quick after all.

    More in detail: The department deals with simultaneous projects but always has the same resource pool.

    If one project manager doesn't know what another is doing, a resource can be overscheduled across different projects.

    An engineer might be available to the department for 16 hours but four different project managers can schedule him/her for 8 hours apiece. There is no overschedule within each project but across all four there is a resource shortfall.

    Many similar questions abound, all related to the concept of multiple projects occurring simultaneously within the department/resource group. I guess we need the software to be able to "interact with" or "see" the other projects in the department and be able to share/reference the same resources across the different projects.

    Is Project capable of this? Thanks for all suggestions or help.


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    Re: One Resource Pool, Multiple Projects? (Project 2000)


    Yes, this can be done relatively easily in Project 2000. Interestingly, I asked this question myself of this forum approximately 6 months ago that gave me the answer to get this working.

    You should set-up a Resource Master Project, and then set-up sub-projects that use the resources from the Resource Master Project. This achieves the outcome you are looking for.

    It does seem to take a little bit of fiddling to get it to work as you would expect. Once thing to avoid - do not set-up a separate project with resources that have the same names as the Resource Master Project. I found this caused all sorts of "challenges" getting Project 2000 to do what I wanted.

    Look in Project 2000 help under "Share Resources Between Projects" for details. (This was the same advice I received when I asked this question and it definitely helped me get this all working).

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: One Resource Pool, Multiple Projects? (Project 2000)


    Thanks for the suggestions - I suspected it could be done but didn't know how or if there were any problems to be aware of. I will start researching with your advice. Thanks again.


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    Re: One Resource Pool, Multiple Projects? (Project 2000)

    Hi ,
    The facility in discussion here is the resource pool which can be made to share its resources with projects across the organization.
    Another query , though related is , whether we can have a multi-tier resource pool(in the same way as we have master projects and sub-projects!)....
    I mean a typical scenario can be where an organization has several departments , each having its own resource pool. however , all these department res. pools are sub-resource pools to a master resource pool of the as to when a project needs resources from one dept . it uses the dept's res.pool....or when resources from 2 or more dept's are used then the organization's master resource pool is used .
    can this be done using MS Project 2000 ?

    Please suggest.

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    Re: One Resource Pool, Multiple Projects? (Project 2000)

    ... I am not sure if MS Project has the multi-tier capability you are speaking of. I know some other scheduling tools can do. I will need to do a little research on this and get back to you...

    (It's been a while!)

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