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    Jump to Text Form Field by Hot-Keys (Word 2003)

    I have created and Word Doc that has several Text Form Fields. I wanted to know if it was possible to create one Hot Key for each of those Text Form Fields allowing me to jump from one field to the other with out going in any order just being determined upon which Hot Key I punched in. I have attached the file I just want to know how I go about creating the hot keys and assigning them to each of those Text Form Fields.

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    Re: Jump to Text Form Field by Hot-Keys (Word 2003)

    You'd have to create a macro for each text form field, and assign a shortcut key to each macro using Tools | Customize > Keyboard...

    For example, the bookmark of the first text form field in your document is Symptoms. The macro for it looks like this:

    Sub GoToSymptoms()
    ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Symptoms").Range.Fields( 1).Result.Select
    End Sub

    Warning: in the Customize Keyboard dialog, make sure that you save the shortcuts in your document or template.

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