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    Numbered Labels (2003 allSPs)

    I need to be able to produce shipping labels for many crates that would have name and address as well as Crate 23 of 345, Crate 24 of 345 etc. I also need to be able to specify how many labels for each person eg Fred may have 150 crates while Mary may have 400.
    Any help appreciated
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    Re: Numbered Labels (2003 allSPs)

    You need to have a separate tblNumbers table (call it what you want). There is only 1 field (an integer), and you just add sequential number to the table; from 1 to as many as you might ever need.

    The query behind your label report must include this table. Because it doesn't have a join to the other tables, Access creates what is called a Cartesian join. This would create as many labels for each unique name/address as there were records in tblNumbers. You can use a WHERE clause to restrict how many to use, in your case tied to that "# of Crates".
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