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    Formating column (O2k W98 Se)

    I have a 1000 line file that I have copied. It is demographic data. 1 column is phone number. I am trying to get it to format to "phone number." It will not. the original was read locked. Is the file too big? left over write protect? 1 data element not lined up correctly? Other? It works on my system with a fresh small sheet.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Formating column (O2k W98 Se)

    Most likely, the column of phone numbers is formatted as text, or the numbers have a single quote in front of each number. Just changing the format from text to a numeric format will not convert text values already entered to numeric. If the telephone numbers do not contain any non-numeric characters, then the following will convert the numbers to numeric:

    1- Select an empty cell on the sheet and enter a 1 into it. Then select Copy form the Edit menu.

    2- Select the column containing the phone numbers.

    3- Select "Paste Special" from the Edit menu.

    4- In the resulting dialog box in the "Operation" section, click on Multiply, then click OK.

    That should convert the text to numbers and the format should now work.
    Legare Coleman

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