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    xml and excel 2000 (Excel 2000)


    I have a question about using XML in Excel 2000,

    I have a workbook which is a template and hold alot of data, every time the template is used it makes a report about 30 times a day. right now i am saving the excel file as a whole giving it the hefty size of 3 mb (3mb * 30 = 90 mb). I was wondering, if there would be a way i could save the data in the template in XML format, and if i want to bring the data up in the excel template later the data in xml format would load into the appropiate fields, this would save alot of computer memory.

    I know excel 2003 has the xml function not sure if its ment to do this,
    I hear that 2007 will actually save xml excel files and not the bulk excel file.

    is excel 2000 able to handle this in any manner?

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    Re: xml and excel 2000 (Excel 2000)

    There are no built in methods in Excel 2000 to do this.
    You could write VBA code to handle the saving to XML and fetching the data from an XML file using the XMLDOM object library though.

    I'm sorry to say I have no sample code I can show you though.
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