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    Moving on from Windows 2000

    It's decision time.

    My main system uses Win 2000.
    Are folkes confident enough that early releases of Vista will be stable to move on to Vista?

    Given that a new computer will be purchased/built, which strategy seems better?

    a. Use Win XP, and add Vista as a multiboot system later.
    b. Go right to Vista.

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    Re: Moving on from Windows 2000

    If in your position a new computer is needed now I would use XP. Vista has a great deal of virgin code that equals a lot of bugs, not to mention driver issues and conflicts as well as 3rd party software problems. Both Win2K and XP got a big boost of compatibility and stability after the first service pack. If you would like to move to Vista later on just make sure all your hardware is Vista ready and get a boxcar full of ram.

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