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    organize-colors stopped working (Outlook 2003 - sp2)

    I have been using organize/colors for incoming email for a long time. Several weeks ago, my color organizations all went to one color. I have tried all the fixes I could think of and still no resolution. I called the help desk and now they are as stumped for a fix as I am. I did detect and repair; resetting to different colors and back; the help desk even had me make a new profile; lots of try this and reboots. I have been on 2003 sp2 for some time now and (to my knowledge) this just started a few weeks ago. It may have started when my workstation was upgraded two months ago and I did not need to add a new color until we hired a new team leader - huhhhh - about two weeks ago?! I am open to any fixes available. BTW, the helpdesk told me they tried the MS KB and found nothing relating to my issue. TIA.

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    Re: organize-colors stopped working (Outlook 2003

    Outlook often loses its View settings. It's a very painful problem not new in Outlook 2003. I don't have a solution, but I offer much sympathy!

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