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    Transerering Data (Access 2003)

    I need some help!!! Thanks in advance. I have four fields that I am using in a number of tables.....when entering data they put in these 4 fields...then they do the same for the next section of data. These can not all be one table. How do I make it so when I bring up another form to enter data in that the data in these 4 fields goes along and starts a new record. For example, they enter the data for the employees then they need to enter it for materials......I want to click a button and have it open a new form and the first 4 fields are filled in with what was on the last form.....

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    Re: Transerering Data (Access 2003)

    A relatively easy way to do this would be to add an AutoNumber field to the first table.
    Don't include the four fields you mentioned in the other tables, but include a Number (long integer) field that is related to the AutoNumber field in the first table.
    Create a main form based on the first table, and subforms for the other tables, linked by the AutoNumber/Number field.
    If the subforms take up a lot of space, you can place them in tab pages on the main form.
    Access will automatically take care of the link between the main form and subforms, without requiring any code.

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