With the arrival of .NET 3.0 this week, I tried to install it. At first I used the Installation package that installs .NET from the web. The installation ran, unpacked, but nothing more happenned. I then downloaded the full Redistributable package and tried to run it. I got a message that a previous installation was still running. I opened Task Manager and killed Setup.exe from the Processes Tab. I then ran the Redistributable package from my hard disk. The package unpacked to a folder on my 'C' drive, a few bars showed in the installation window and then the program froze. I tried this a number of time with the same results.

I have .NET versions 1, 1.1 and 2.0 installed on my system. Last month, Microsoft Update provided a security update, KB922770 for Version 2.0. There were also installation problems of this update. Though Microsoft Update lists this security update as having failed (red X with orange question mark beside it, there is no listing to rerun the installation and Add/Remove lists the update, suggesting a successful installation. However, there is no installation date in the Add/Remove Programs listing. Yesterday, I downloaded a copy of this update to try and reinstall it manually and the installation hung and did not complete in a somewhat similar fashion to the .NET 3.0 installation.

I have read the Read Me file on the .NET 3.0 Redistributable download page. I have never used any pre-release of Versions 2.0 or 3.0.